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A bar that serves Filipino street food opens in the middle of Madrid

ISASS Ambassador in Madrid, Spain opens a bar!

Ms. Joy San Jose España, together with her friend Ailyn, opens JAR Sabor Del Amor, a Filipino bar that offers Filipino street food. They offer the ambiance of home in the company of family and friends. They transport our kababayans back to the Philippines as they offer all types of Filipino street food.

Joy was able to put into practice all the theories and skills she learned from the European Diploma in International Service Management at ISASS. We show our strong support to her business by organizing ISASS events and get-togethers at JAR Sabor Del Amor.

At ISASS, we developed our learners to be risk takers and change makers.

JAR Sabor Del Amor is located in Calle Topete, Metro Alvarado / Estrecho. You can get in touch with them on Facebook: JAR Sabor Del Amor.