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A Message from the ISASS President: COVID-19 Stimulus Package

The pandemic hits us all hard. Despite what we’ve been through in the past few months, we should continue to look forward to the future because this too, shall pass.

We have to take this time to prepare for the inevitable that the economy will open and different industries will be looking for people with a different set of skills. We have to learn new things to be more competitive. We have to brush up our current competences so we can embrace the new normal. We should upgrade our abilities to match the demands of the future workforce.

The pandemic should not hinder our personal and professional growth. This is why ISASS is offering a 15% STIMULUS PACKAGE to all our incoming learners.

Through this special tuition fee discount, we at ISASS are reaffirming our commitment to our learners that we have your back. Together, we will get back on our feet and prevail because we have the strength of resolve to survive and thrive.

Elizabeth Soliday-Naui, PhD
International School of Applied Social Sciences
Barcelona Center for Applied Sciences